Travel Writing

Travel lightly. Write generously.

Living in an era of global world, we can now explore the unfamiliar, new places, culture, and people. Travel writing is not only about traveling to places, it is also about you and your reality.

Breaking down specific crafts of travel writing, you’ll merge your traveler’s and writer’s hat. This course will help you develop your story ideas, understand context and content within narration arc, and avoid cliché, nostalgia, and overwriting.

With an emphasis on setting, you’ll learn to write evocatively using concrete details. Memorable travel stories don’t just expose about how amazing the place it, they give the readers something more to take home to.


1.    Develop ideas and direct research

2.    Understand nonfiction contract and ethics

3.    Apply elements of fiction into nonfiction articles

4.    Produce a solid travel narrative drafts

5.    Understand aspect of travel writing from reading materials

6.    Reflect on writing process and habits


The workshop is held at our facility once a week over the weekend for a total period of 6 (six) weeks or 6 (six) sessions at 4 hours per session. It also combines lectures, reading assignments and discussions; as well as in-class exercises, take-home assignments, and response-writing.


This course is dedicated for everyone, travelers and whatnot. It's for anyone who wants and is interested in discovering new places and sharing them to readers.


Agustinus Wibowo is an Indonesian travel writer, journalist, and photojournalist. His first book was Selimut Debu (A Blanket of Dust, 2010), chronicles of his journey in Afghanistan. He published Garis Batas (Borderlines: A Journey through Central Asia, 2011), which examines issues of borderlines across ex-Soviet republics. His third book, Titik Nol (Zero: When the Journey Takes You Home, 2013), Wibowo has pioneered a new genre in Indonesian travel literature by allowing readers to experience the writer’s physical, spiritual and emotional journey as they contemplate their own conflicts and anxieties. Currently he is working on his next nonfiction book.


We offer 10% discount for all students (ID required) and specific payment plans for individuals and organizations which enroll three or more participants in the same course.