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A Mindful. Personal Branding Workshop.

For decades, writing has been used as an exercise to help people heal from difficult circumstances in their lives. Some prefer to write in journals, others may opt to vent out their anguish across small post-it notes. According to a research published in the Journal of Psychology in 1998 it was found that writing has a tremendous effect on those whose healing process only began soon after they learned to express themselves in writing.

Not many people are willing to express their deepest and darkest secrets on paper, however. And that's okay. But for those who are looking for a therapeutic activity either to release themselves from their daily stress, or to face their trauma, this workshop will help you deal with the very things that trouble you through the act of writing. 

The main focus here is for you to engage yourself, your mind and your own well-being through a series of attempts at self-discovery. Our methods are simple, yet creative. You'll do yoga in the morning, paint in the afternoon, join a self-mapping workshop, write in the early evening and have meaningful conversations with like-minded people. Our instructors are both self-made modern women whose experiences have taught them that when it comes to leading a good and balanced life, all that matters (or should matter) is whether or not you are true to yourself. 

Helena Abidin (L) is a corporate executive at BMW Indonesia whose passion for marketing and branding has led her to the discovery that it's not enough for women to just sit back and let life take control of who they are and where they go. As a business professional, Helena wants women to stand up and rebrand themselves according to who they want to be and how they want others to see them. As a progressive woman, Helena wishes to impart to other women the benefit of understanding your personal brand and how to maintain it as your unique identity. 

Devi Asmarani (R) is a seasoned journalist, essayist and editor. She currently runs, a bilingual feminist online journal, whose mission is to empower women and marginalized groups in Indonesia by delivering original and curated content with enough punch to break boundaries. She is also a yoga and creative writing instructor who believes in the power of words and physical movements as a way to heal one's traumas and deal with the inconsistency of the world at large. Through this workshop, she wishes to help participants rediscover their inner path toward themselves and cultivate their own strengths. 

This workshop will be held in Yogyakarta for a duration of 3 days and 2 nights. The fee does not cover your flight, it only covers a two (2) nights' stay, including the evening of arrival, meals, workshop materials, certificate and handouts. The workshop will be held on February 23 - 25 2018.

FRIDAY, February 23 2018 (Arrival, Day One)

All participants are already booked at the hotel of choice starting on this day. You are advised to arrive no later than 6pm. A welcome dinner will be served.

SATURDAY, February 24 2018 (Day Two)

Morning: Yoga session and Workshop I

Afternoon: Workshop II, III and IV

Early Evening: Free time

Evening: Sharing

SUNDAY, February 25 2018 (Departure, Day Three)

Morning: Yoga session and Workshop V

Lunch: Closing

Afternoon: Departure

THIS WORKSHOP IS BENEFICIAL for those of you who have been struggling with finding the right time to rediscover yourself (what you really want in life, where you want to go in your career, and whether you are truly fulfilling your own potentials). 

IF YOU ARE A WORKING WOMAN IN YOUR LATE TWENTIES, OR IN YOUR THIRTIES AND FORTIES this would be the perfect time to take a breather, get away from the real world for a minute and spend some quality time with people who will be your close companions in your discovery of you. 

IF YOU ARE A HOUSEWIFE AT ANY AGE this would be the sort of workshop you could benefit from as you plan and craft your own path amidst your domestic responsibilities. Being a housewife doesn't mean you're not working; it's also a lot of work. And we believe sometimes domestic pressures are a lot more difficult to handle than corporate pressures; so this may be something you want to look into. Detach yourself for a minute. Redisover.

IF YOU ARE A MAN AT ANY AGE and wishes to join this workshop because you, too, feel like you should benefit from learning how to be more in touch with your inner desires ... well, come on board! This workshop may seem like it is tailored solely for women, but it is open to anyone willing to support each other.

PERSONAL BRANDING IS how you represent yourself; how you want the world to see you and, most importantly, how you want to see you. We've heard this phrase so many times and we have often linked it with marketing activities in a business setting and sometimes the pictures don't add up, do they? Personal branding isn't the same as commercial branding; but it borrows a lot of the same principles. It's all about having confidence, and knowing the message you want to send out to the world. And it's got a lot to do with priorities in life. 

YOGA IS a great way to cultivate your inner strength and summon your deepest turmoil to the surface. More than just a lifestyle, yoga is a mind-body balancing practice that aims to renew and rejuvenate your sense of self by letting organic elements in nature be a part of your physical and mental journey. 

WRITING HAS THE CAPACITY to heal when done right and when you are guided with the right professional who knows the ins and outs of our emotional attachments to words, imageries and scenes that play out in a single piece of writing. That is why writing is an important element in your quest toward rediscovery.

YOU CAN PAY for the workshop in installments. Call us to find out more.

REMEMBER THE WORKSHOP FEE does not include airfare. So you're going to have to book your own flights in and out of Yogyakarta on the specific dates we've mentioned. We will cover everything else from the minute you arrive to the moment you depart. 


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23 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018
3 days, 2 nights | Out-of-town (Yogyakarta)
00:00 AM - 00:00 AM
Rp 7.500.000,00
EnrolThere are 15 place(s) available