Executive Writing in Technical Fields

Don’t be afraid to take a stand. Increase your standards: be innovative, be resourceful.

Writing is a part of your daily task, whatever your field is. A structured writing is not only appreciated, but it is necessary, sometimes even demanded. There’s a certain standard needs to be met in technical writing, may it be for a simple comprehension or for liability purposes. This is essential for working professionals. 

Learn how to compose a significant document, use logical principles, appropriate composition structure, and step-by-step instructional approach. You’ll need to convey your message cogently, clearly, and correctly through various means of writing. You’ll be exposed to terms of reference, summary, legal brief, formal report, and policy memo. Develop a proper documentation for all kinds of needs. 


  • Fundamentals of Writing
    Understand the process of writing, the framework, style, and brainstorming process. This is the first step to write with clarity, structure, and style.
  • Report Writing
    Learn how to summarize, edit, and write reports using a systematic manner. Organize facts and information, compile, and create a readable narrative for all kinds of audience.
  • Legal Writing
    Learn how to simplify to create clarity and objectivity. Write a strong beginning and a memorable closing. Structure stronger content and context for your memos, summary, and agreement.


08 Aug 2018 - 10 Aug 2018
Wednesday to Friday | 3 (three) sessions
09:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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